Corporate Profile

Company History

Establishment period (Year 1938) - Own Product Development (Year 1960)

Product History

Year 1950

Natural Convection type "Convector" was completed

Year 1951 to 1952
Fan Coil Unit Cross Fin Coil

"Cross Fin Coil" was completed
"Fan Coil Unit 1st Version" was completed
Standardization of "Fan Coil Unit"
Start sales of "Cross Fin Coil"

Year 1953
Unit Heater

"Unit Heater" was completed

Year 1956
Curved Fan

Sound Attenuator was developed
Smaller size Forward Curved Fan was developed

Year 1957
Air Handling Unit

Unit Type (Factory Assembled) Air Handling Unit was developed

Year 1958
Fan Coil Unit

New Fan Coil Unit c/w Forward-curved fan was developed
Joint Research between industry and universities was proceeding

Year 1959
Fan Blower

Bigger Size Fan Blower was developed

Year 1960
Air Handling Unit Fan Coil Unit

"Multi-Zone type" Air Handling Unit was completed
"Low-Boy" type Fan Coil Unit was completed