Corporate Profile

Company History

Technical transfer was started (Year 1961) - Technical Development (Year 1974)

Product History

Year 1961
Fan Coil Unit

"Wall Mounted" type Fan Coil Unit named "Climator" was completed

Air Handling Unit

Standardization of Air Handling Unit was completed.
Technical Transfer for Mixing Unit for Dual Duct.

Year 1962

Technical Experiment room was established.

Year 1964
Yoyogi Indoor Swimming Pool Dual Induction Units

Bigger Size Nozzle type Air Diffusers were supplied to
"Yoyogi Indoor Swimming Pool".
"Dual Induction Units" were supplied.

Year 1966

"Multi-Zone type" Air Handling Unit was standardized.

Year 1967
Air Handling Unit

Development of VAV unit was started Technical Cooperation
with Titus, USA.
"Down-Blow type" Air Handling Unit for Computer
Room was completed.

Year 1969
Air Handling Units Fan Coil Unit

"T-Line System" for Ceiling Construction Method was
Start production of "Clean Room" products Special
designed Air Handling Units for Nuclear Power Plant
were supplied.
Fan Coil Unit c/w Electro-Static Precipitator was

Year 1970

Osaka Branch was established.
Nagoya local office became Nagoya branch office.

Year 1971
Fan Coil Unit

Sinko Industries R&D Center was established
Production of Buensod.
VAV units was started.
Larger Air Volume Fan Coil Unit named
"MEGA l" was completed.
Double Coil(4-pipe) Fan Coil Unit was completed.

Year 1972
Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Unit supplied to Meteorological Agency at Mt. Fuji.

Year 1973
Air Handling unit

Standardization of Roll-Up Filter for Air Handling unit.

Year 1974

Closed type Cooling Tower was released.