Corporate Profile

Company History

Turning Point (Year 1975 - 1984)

Product History

Year 1975
Fan Coil Unit

Model Change of Fan Coil Unit.
Lower SP loss type VAV unit "SAV" was completed.

Year 1977

"CosaTron" from CRS, USA was introduced.

Year 1979
Chicago Blower

Technical Transfer from Chicago Blower, USA.

Year 1980

Large Air Volume Cassette type FCU was completed.

Year 1981

New VAV type "BTU" was introduced from USA.

Year 1982
Class 10 at 0.1μm Clean Room

Join the construction of "Class 10 at 0.1μm Clean Room".

Year 1983

Technical Transfer from CCC, USA.

Year 1984

Joint Development of DDC System for AHU Control.
AHU c/w Computer Control Device named
"SYSPAK" was completed.
Ice Storage Chiller was started production by
Japan BAC in Japan.
Standardization of "CZU-Clean Zone Unit" as "Bay system".